Integrated Web Based Electronic Health Records Solution

03/05/2015 12:59

EHR is one of the latest trends in the medical fields when it comes to maintaining patient records. Web based Electronic Health Records system extends the full functionality of web based practice management tools and services. The focus is to extend the reach of the staff working in a medical center or hospitals. Web based EMR system has the ability to work with all the other services seamlessly.

Web based Electronic Health Records is an internet-based application that is fully certified, and easy to use, customize, and instantly integrate with the medical billing system at a medical centre. With this system set up, there would never be a requirement to install new software to take a backup including the configuration of firewall. This system is completely web based that it is possible to access it from any device such as a tablet or PC.

Unlike desktop EHR, it is not necessary to install the software on the computer. All that you need to do is, log in via web browsers and start logging patient’s visits. With the help of HTML5 coding, the system can work relatively fast and effectively. The best part about web based EHR is that you can access them from anywhere unlike the desktop version in which you can only access it from the office. Moreover web based EHR is safe to use anywhere as they are integrated with high security protocols.

Web based EHR does not share, sell, or distribute data to any third party. It is seen that the patient’s data and records are never shared with others for any research or advertising purposes. Compliance to HIPAA and abiding by the Protected Health Information PHI is the top priority.

Irrespective of the platform you are currently working on, you will be able to access it from anywhere or any device. To extend the reach of the web based EHR systems, the application is developed in such a way that it runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones the same way. When it comes to the hardware requirements, it is enough if you use the usual system that you normally use to browse and check emails. Since Electronic Health Records are web based, there is no need of any maintenance, thus reducing the cost spent on maintenance.

Data stored in web based Electronic Health Records systems is store at multiple data centers, so that data saved in the system can be retrieved instantly.