Benefits Of Using Cloud-Based EHR

02/19/2015 10:30

Before we look at cloud-Based EHR system, let us first understand what Electronic Health Record or EHR is. If you are not aware, EHR is actually an official record shared among various healthcare facilities and agencies. The digitalized health information systems are especially used to enhance efficiency and quality of care, as well as for reduction in cost. There are other benefits too, such as the ability to share and update important health related information among many different facilities, organizations, and offices automatically.

EHR solutions increase storage and data retrieval efficiency. The services standardization and patient care is much improved and redundancy of effort is minimized. However, with the numerous benefits of EHR solutions, there is one main thing that forbids businesses to go for the implementation, which is its high cost.

Modern Electronic Health Record Solutions

With the advent of web-based EHR solutions, the cost is significantly reduced though. The great thing about such cloud-based EHR systems is that they are easier to set up, and help in eliminating the overhead loads such as the out-of-pocket expense as well as the cost of establishing a dedicated IT support department.

Let us look some of the key factors why it is best to consider a cloud-based EHR system for simplifying your record keeping efforts.

Simplification of Implementation

Using cloud-based EHR solutions, you do not need to handle the software and hardware in any way. Moreover, it is possible to access EHR from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. You need not reconfigure any existing systems for ensuring that it is working properly.

Cost Reduction

The greatest hurdle for implementing an EHR is actually the huge cost of the package. One top of that, there are other costs allied with licensing, maintenance, and periodical updates. In case of cloud-based EHR though, the cost of installation is totally eliminated, and done quite quickly as well.

Cloud Based EHR is best for small and medium sized practices where cost of implementing an regular EHR may not be affordable.

Reducing the Resources

Cloud-based EHR method reduces the necessity of costly resources such as hardware and software. Another great thing is that you are free from the responsibility of doing any modifications in your existing IT infrastructure. Apart from that, you need not any additional tech support services to resolve IT related issues when using an online application.

Last, but not the least, is the flexibility in access it offers. You can access your EHR system from anywhere because it is web based. All you need is constant internet connectivity.